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Take Control Of Your Event Staffing Needs

We’re changing the way event freelancers are found, booked and paid. Giving everyone access to the best event freelancers and removing all the hassle with a free to use end-to-end solution.

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Event Staffing Reinvented

Become part of the fastest and most exciting change the events landscape has ever seen.

Integrated freelancer Payments

Hassle free payments integrated within the platform

45 day payment terms

Receive a single invoice with 45 day terms – we pay your freelancers in 14 days!

Event Profs Marketplace

Access to a nationwide marketplace of the best event profs in the industry

Free Staff Database Software

Free database tool to manage your full-time staff and fav event profs in one place

Free staff Scheduling Software

Free scheduling software to plan out all your event needs and requirements 

Automated to Save time and money

Automation across the entire process saves you time and money

Business Model

One platform
for all your event staffing needs

Event Staff Guru automates and simplifies event staffing tasks into one easy-to-use solution. Removing mundane admin tasks and simplifying the process puts event planners back where they belong – delivering events. 

Gain access to a free suite of tools that seamlessly integrate with each other and revolutionise the way you manage events.

Free suite of tools

Gain full access to Event Staff Guru’s complete suite of integrated tools. These tools have been designed to seamlessly automate all your event staffing and scheduling needs – for free! 

Pay per hire

A small booking fee will be charged when hiring an event prof. You’ll receive a single weekly invoice with 45 day payment terms, we pay the freelancers directly on 14 days.

Giving Back

Event Staff Guru is committed to developing the events industry. By providing training, coaching and mentoring we aim to give back to our community of event profs.

How it works

Step 1
Create A Project And Plan Out Your Event Staffing Needs

Our free event staff scheduling software is super easy to use and flexible enough for even the most complicated of event plans.

Set up a new event and add the roles you need to fill. Perhaps you need an ops manager, or some bar staff, a lighting engineer, front of house staff, or brand ambassadors – absolutely any team needed to make the event happen can be scheduled in Event Staff Guru. 

Step 2
Staff your Event With The Best Event Profs In The Industry

Quickly search for, and book, available event profs that match your requirements from the Event Staff Guru marketplace, your own freelancer database, or your full-time staff.  

Instantly view potential matches and invite or reserve them onto the job. If you’d prefer, you can advertise the role on our nationwide job board to attract relevant applicants and expand your network.

Step 3
Get The Job Done!

You’ve created your event, scheduled your staff and booked the very best event profs. Event Staff Guru doesn’t stop there. From signing contracts to on the day check-in alerts, through to timesheet sign off, expenses and integrated payments – our all-in-one solution will take care of it all.

Rich feature set

Everything you need to seamlessly manage your event staff. Find, hire, schedule, pay and chat to them, all within one platform. 

Quickly find available event profs that match your requirements

Let the platform automatically fill the positions with best matches

Create jobs that span a few hours or a few weeks

New applicant and cancellation notifications

Integrated video calls for interviews

Schedule and book one freelancer or entire teams

Build your own centralised pool of your fav event profs

Import and schedule your full-time staff alongside your freelancers

Hire vetted freelancers with reviews, feedback, and work history

Integrated comms for job messaging and general updates to your favs

Native admin app to manage and communicate with freelancers on the move

Access industry content, best practice, templates and resources

Confirm job attendance and on site check in status alerts

Create tasks pre, during and post jobs

Set default pay rates for different role types or freelancer experience levels

Right-to-work, NDA’s, job contracts – all taken care of in-platform

Invite your existing pool of event profs

Real-time support with real-humans

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